A source; also known as a "reference" in wiki jargon, is the use of outside information to confirm or disprove information in a wiki page.

For example, if someone wanted to know where a specific piece of information on Alexia Ashford came from, we would place a source accordingly to avoid the need for questioning.

Use of "ref" and "references"

Carrying on with the example, if the Alexia Ashford article mentioned her being mentioned in Resident Evil, you would put <ref>[[Resident Evil (remake)|Resident Evil]], [[Observation Note]]</ref> just after that sentence. It will appear as a mere number (ie. [1]). Clicking on this number will bring you to the footnoted citation if the reference code is included. An example would be the following ref.[1]

Towards the bottom of the article, before the bottom template, place <references/> in the article. It will show the sources in that location.


  1. This should take you to the reference area.