The User of the Month awards were a monthly competition in which eligible voters would decide on which user had worked the hardest in the previous month. The competition was suspended after the October 2009 UotM due to successive low-turnout figures, with most months having gone on without any votes, or their votes being illegitimate (either the nominee's candidacy or the voter's electoracy).


Note that the User of the Month is selected based on number of votes. The user who receives the most votes for the next month only will be chosen. You may nominate the same user each month if you wish; Users of the Month works similarly to a bog-standard first-past-the-post election. Votes will be counted some time during the last day of each month; in the event of a tie, there will be additional time allowed for the nominating until there is a clear winner. (Note that only user accounts of the Resident Evil Wiki may input votes, it is preferable that each user only nominate one person a month.) If you wish to change your vote, please cross out (but do not remove) any previous votes that you have made.

Possible revival?

With the recent rise in user activity and the introduction of a more-social environment, it is feasible for the UotM awards to return in the near-future.

Past Users of the Month


  • October: None
  • September: None
  • August: None
  • July: None
  • June: None
  • May: Mlalarre
  • April: None
  • March: None
  • February: None
  • January: None


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