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Similarities with finished version Edit

  • The Ecliptic Express shares the same design and location of items in the E3 version as the finished GCN version.
  • Billy Coen was virtually unchanged when the game moved platform, with the exception of some slight hair alterations. The concept of him being a condemned man escaping from his convoy en route to his execution was thought up early on in the game's development.[excerpts 1]
  • Certain musical tracks (such as during the first zombie encounter) were carried over to the GCN version.

Differences with finished version Edit

  • At one point early in development, a non-S.T.A.R.S. cast was considered. Civilians "Annie" and "Billy" were to be the protagonists, though Annie was soon replaced with Rebecca Chambers, and Billy became a Marine.
  • Rebecca's uniform consists of the top-half being white and red to signify that she is the team's medic. She also wears a beret.[excerpts 2] When the game was redeveloped for the GameCube, this design concept was heavily modified.
  • There was at least one unused boss called D.A.L.I. which was much like a leech. It was later redeveloped as the Plague Crawler, hence why concept art for both creatures are known by this name.
  • The game would feature multiple endings depending on whether Rebecca and Billy survived the events, as the game could still be played if one of the two died. This was changed in the final version in order to avoiding conflicting with Rebecca's status in Resident Evil.[1]



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