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This game was written by Flagship scenario writer Noboru Sugimura, the head writer of most games (released or otherwise) of the pre-Resident Evil 4 era. When the game was redeveloped for the GameCube some years after he had written the script, Sugimura was said to have had no memory of the story when tasked with rewrites.[1]

Ecliptic Express

Similar to the GameCube version, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team discovers an overturned—and possibly immolated—MP vehicle and the corpses of its passengers soon after landing in the Arklay Mountains.[2][3][Note 1] They see a man running into the woods and Rebecca Chambers is tasked with investigating.[2] Finding a train, she follows the man inside and is confronted by zombies.[4] She is held at gunpoint by a man during her investigation.[2] Rebecca finds out that he was the man who fled from Bravo Team earlier and as she presses him for more information, he runs away again.[2] At this point, Edward Dewey jumps in through the window, severely injured and covered in his own blood.[2] He warns Rebecca of the monsters in the woods and soon dies.[2] Two Cerberi crash in through the windows, likely in pursuit of Edward.[2] Soon after, Bravo Team Captain Enrico Marini contacts Rebecca over the radio with information the team discovered at the landing site.[5] The vehicle had belonged to the United States Marine Corps and was transferring 26-year-old ex-Lieutenant Billy Coen, the man who had fled from them earlier.[5] Furthermore, Billy was sentenced to execution for a crime he had committed.[5] With this discovery, Enrico urges Rebecca to stay safe.[5] After Rebecca meets with Billy again, the two decide to team up in order to overcome the odds.

Other developments

At some point during the game, James Marcus' history as an Umbrella researcher would be uncovered.[Note 2]

In early versions of the game, Albert Wesker was to send a trained B.O.W. to kill off the individual S.T.A.R.S. members, but conflicts with the first game led to him being replaced with the "mysterious beautiful man" as the antagonist.[6]

The game would feature multiple endings depending on whether Rebecca and Billy survived the events, as the game could still be played if one of the two died. This was changed in the final version in order to avoid conflicting with Rebecca's status in Resident Evil.[7] In the ending, Billy was to give Rebecca the bandana she wears in Resident Evil; this ending carried over to the GameCube version, with the bandana replaced with dog tags in light of changes to the 2002 remake.[6]


  1. Rebecca's Report in the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 mentions that the MP vehicle was on fire and that corpses surrounded the vehicle. However, dialogue in the Tokyo Game Show 2000 Spring demo fails to mention the fire.
  2. The Mother Virus Report in the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 mentions Marcus' history with the company. There is also concept artwork of Marcus from this development period.
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