The Revolving Elevators, are two elevators found in the Uroboros Laboratory. The first elevator descends into the Missile Area, and ascends to the Umbrella Africa Research Center. The second ascends to the Monarch Room Entrance and descends to the Security room and Uroboros Lab.

They are both quite large and probably transported equiptment and workers to and fro, especially during construction of the facility. Another characteristic that both elevators share is the collection of pods that surround them. The liquid filled pods contain Uroboros test subjects- people who have been captured from surrounding areas and possibly from around the world. It is through these individuals that Wesker was able to perfect his virus. When a subject is deemed unusable, they are apathetically discarded: simply dropped hundreds of feet down the elevator shaft onto moving conveyor belts which lead them to incineration. A computer in the center of each elevator contains a directory for finding a particular test subject.

Resident Evil 5Edit

First ElevatorEdit

Once Chris and Sheva exit the Umbrella facility, they are greeted by the sight of the first elevator. As Chris uses the computer to find Jill, they are attacked by U-8, a giant crab-like creature infected with enhanced Las Plagas. After it is defeated, Excella Gionne appears on the computer screen, warning the team of the consequences should they continue with their mission. They go on, however, hoping to find Jill.

Second ElevatorEdit

After confronting Excella in the labs and making their way through a number of Base Majini and Reapers, the duo enter a security room which links to the second elevator. This time, the elevator is surrounded by Base Majini who have at their control a switch which operates the elevator. As the elevator climbs a few meters, a Majini halts its progress. It is up to Chris and Sheva to kill him to continue upwards. After it is stopped twice they reach the top, but waiting for them is yet another group of Majini. Once they have been eliminated, Chris and Sheva exit the elevator and enter the Monarch Room Entrance.

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