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Further notes

Quotes from Ricardo Irving, one of the antagonists of Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 5Edit

  • "Oh shit!"
  • "Wow, perceptive, aren't 'cha?"
  • "Oh I'm not like them. I'm a busisnessman with standards."
  • " 'bout you drop yours?"
  • "Suckers!"
  • "Splendid timing! Youse two are just in time for the fireworks show! BOOM!"
  • "You're just another one of Excella's playthings!"
  • "It was your master who was-"
  • "Alright! Alright! I'll handle it!"
  • "This?"
  • "Won't you two just die already? You're making me look bad! Who do you think got this entire operation off the ground? Research like this doesn't fund itself, ya know? Yet everybody looks down on me...but not anymore!"
  • "I'm far beyond anything that you could ever hope to become!"
  • "Damn Excella! I guess I wasn't worth the good stuff!"
  • "The, youse two are just on top of everything, aren't ya? The balance of the world is changing and you're completely oblivious to it."
  • "It's too late now. No one can stop it. Uroboros is about to change everything..."
  • "Chris? So you're Chris!"
  • "All you're answers await ahead, that cave. If you can survive long enough to get there! Dying's not so bad. But it's not gonna change're still SCREWED!"

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