The Rider Majini is a class of town Majini who can be seen riding motorcycles in Chapters 2-1 and 2-3 of Resident Evil 5.


Not long after defeating the deadly Chainsaw Majini, Chris and Sheva made hast to find their comrade Kirk Mathison after being attacked by flying B.O.W.s, forcing the helicopter Kirk was piloting to crash. After arriving at the crash site, Chris and Sheva witnessed in horror the charred remains of Kirk, burning at the top of a pile of vehicle tires. It is then that Chris and Sheva are attacked by more Town Majini, via vehicular assault with motorcycles. One Majini in particular attempted to slay Sheva, wielding a chain, but Chris was able to push her out of harms way. Instead, the chain wraps around Chris' ankle dragging him across the ground, in danger of being impaled on a sharp metal object. Fortunately, Sheva was able to use her gun to sever the chain.

After narrowly avoiding the attacks from the Rider Majini, Chris and Sheva were finally rescued by BSAA Delta Team operatives lead by Josh Stone.

MotorCycle Majini 2

The Rider Majini were encountered one final time as they pursued Chris, Sheva and fellow BSAA operative Dave Johnson, while driving the Gambit across the Savanna. They attacked the agents by throwing tomahawks and Molotov Cocktails. This time, Chris and Sheva were better prepared for their assault by using the gun turrets built into the Gambit. After a lengthy chase, Chris, Sheva, and Dave had managed to escape the Motorcycle Majini.


Further notesEdit

  • A Rider Majini is available as Figurine #31.
  • During the crash site cutscene in Chapter 2-1, the player will be prompted to press the correct random button to successfully avoid the attacks of the Rider Majini.
  • Molotovs are commonly used by the motorcycle Majini. Shooting the thrower's arm before they toss a Molotov will cause them to drop it at their feet, damaging them severely.