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The road to annex (別館への道?) is a room on the Island.


This road supposely heading toward Annex. This road also connected into the shipyard.


In this area, Ashley will drive a huge vehicle where Leon will try to provide cover over multiple number of armed ganados militia. A opposite truck will also present here, in attempt to ram them both.  In order to stop this, shoot the truck until it burst a small flame where it was stop temporary, before going back at thema gain.

On the way, Leon will have to leave the truck temporary to push a lever continue their journey toward the annex. Unfortunately both of them don't went far when another truck attempt a head to head collision, making both Leon and Ashley went off course and collide into the antechamber.

In separate ways, Ada also went through this area to get to the shipyard. She will also encounter a horde of ganados militia along the way.


Main gameEdit

Location Action Localization Original script
The lift switch CHECK (view lever) It's a lever for the lift. Pull the lever? (Choice: Yes / No)

Separate WaysEdit

Location Action Localization Original script
The gate door OPEN (locked door sound) It won't budge! It must be locked from the other side.
The door form the other side OPEN (unlock door sound) You unlocked it.




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