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The Rocket Launcher is a recurring weapon in the Resident Evil series. It is a large, shoulder-fired weapon that uses powerful, high-explosive rockets. These weapons inflict massive damage to almost anything - including the player if they're caught in the blast. However, they tend to be cumbersome, somewhat slow to aim, and very low on ammunition. Rocket Launchers are indeed the most powerful weapons that the player can carry.

In the Resident Evil series, the Rocket Launcher is often acquired at the end of the games to use on the final boss. However, in some games, these weapons can be bought using money. Typical Resident Evil rocket launchers have only one or two rockets; after that they become useless, as no additional rockets are available.

However, the rocket launchers can usually be unlocked and will come with infinite ammo and be used throughout the game. In Resident Evil 4, there is a separate rocket launcher the player can unlock and buy with infinite ammo rather than the standard having infinite ammo unlocked for it.


Image Name Game
Re0 rocketlauncher lg Rocket Launcher Resident Evil Zero
Rocket Launcher Resident Evil
1 Remake Anti Tank Rocket Launcher Resident Evil (2002)
Re2rocketlauncher lg Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
Rocketlauncher3 Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
CV Rocket Launcher-1 Rocket Launcher Resident Evil: CODE Veronica and Resident Evil: Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica
Panfaust Panzerfaust EX. Resident Evil: Survivor 2 - CODE Veronica
Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 4
Rocket Launcher (Special) Resident Evil 4
Infinite Launcher Resident Evil 4
Rocket Launcher Resident Evil: Revelations
RE5RPG7 Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 5
RPG-7 NVS Resident Evil 5
Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 6
Rocket Launcher Resident Evil: Revelations 2


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