"A very destructive weapon that fires rockets with a large blast radius."

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon in the original and 2002 remake of Resident Evil.


Available only for the final battle against the Tyrant (T-002 Model) and loaded with four rockets, the Rocket Launcher is thrown to the player by Brad Vickers and used to destroy the monster in a single shot. However, it is possible for the Tyrant to actually deflect a rocket fired at it. In the original 1996 game, a version of the Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo can be unlocked with a cleared file after finishing the game in less than three hours with an A grade.

The Rocket Launcher can be difficult to use as it cannot be aimed at high or low angles and takes some time to steady before firing, therefore it is highly recommended that the character be positioned far from the enemy as possible, especially against agile opponents such as the Hunter that can close in on the player.

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