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"Launches fire-and-forget rockets continuously. Extremely destructive."

The Rocket Launcher is an unlockable weapon in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil. It is unlocked when you complete the game under three hours on normal difficulty or higher. The Rocket Launcher seems to be a portable model, possibly custom made. Unlike the Rocket Launcher Brad Vickers throws at the player during the final battle with T-002, this model can be freely aimed in any direction, even up and down and also possesses a much faster rate of fire (For a rocket launcher anyway).

This weapon can kill any enemy with one shot, except Lisa Trevor,  which cannot be killed and will instead be knocked out for a few seconds before recovering and continuing to pursue the player. The weapon cannot decapitate, dismember, or burn zombies so the player will still need to burn the corpses if they wish to avoid dealing with Crimson Heads outside of the two mandatory encounters with them. The weapon can however dismember Cerberus oddly enough but it does not serve any purpose.


Further NotesEdit

  • Although it cannot kill Lisa Trevor, during the final battle with her, it is possible to use it to push her back and potentially knock her off of a cliff. In this case, the cutscene for Lisa jumping off herself will not play.

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