The Rocket Launcher is a very powerful weapon featured in Resident Evil 2.


The weapon is loaded with two rockets and is found near the end of either player's B Scenario, thrown to the player by Ada to defeat the mutated T-103 known as T-00. .

An infinite ammo version can be unlocked after finishing the Scenario A of either Leon or Claire in less than two and a half hours without saving and with an A or B ranking. The launcher will then be available in the item box and using it will instantly lower the player's ranking to a B, even if the player meets all other requirements to obtain an A ranking.

In the later releases of Resident Evil 2, an infinite ammo version of the rocket launcher is automatically available and located in the item boxes along with the infinite gatling gun and infinite sub-machine gun if the player chooses to play Arrange Mode at Rookie difficulty. Using any of these will instantly lower the player's ranking to a B.

A Rocket Launcher loaded with five rockets appears in Chris Redfield's inventory in the Extreme Battle minigame. An additional launcher with ten rockets can be found in the other side of the bridge in Sewer B1, near the area where the Eagle Medal was normally located.

Examine Description Edit

  • R. Launcher

"A rocket launcher. One shot from this should kill any enemy."


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