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The Rocket Launcher is a powerful weapon available in Resident Evil 4. It depletes after one use in the main game.


The Rocket Launcher is always available to purchase from the Merchant for 30,000₧. One Rocket Launcher can be found in the maingame during Chapter 3-3 in the glass case full of ammo in the Gallery. The weapon takes up 2x8 spaces of inventory (16 blocks) and can not be upgraded.

The Rocket Launcher takes a second to set up to aim and is aimed through a scope. After firing a single rocket, the Rocket Launcher is automatically discarded. Firing too close to yourself can result in the player getting hurt from the explosion or simply flinching from the close blast.

The Rocket will automatically kill some bosses such as Salazar where a short scene is specially played showing the rocket flying into and hitting him. It will also completely shatter Verdugo when it is frozen.

Firing a rocket at the cultist gathering in Chapter 3-2 will trigger a special scene where all of them are all automatically killed. A Rocket can destroy the boulder blocking the path of the player late in the game in the Mine but this is very impractical use for it.

Some enemy Zealots and Ganado militia use Rocket Launchers against the player.

  • Examine: Rocket Launcher

"Do major damage to any target. (Single fire)"


  • When the Rocket Launcher is found in the maingame, an Attache Case upgrade is also available in the same area; if the upgrade is purchased then there will be enough room to store it.
  • The Rocket Launcher that is found is best to save and use against either the pair of Garradors or Verdugo later in the game,
  • Although it makes fighting certain enemies much easier, players should consider not using it for every encounter as they are very expensive.
  • It is not advisable to use against Krauser. His agility makes hitting him unlikely but if you hit it close enough to him it should do a good amount of damage.
  • The price of fully upgrading the Broken Butterfly is about equivalent to purchasing 15 Rocket Launchers. Since players typically reserve magnums for boss battles, consider that fact before investing a heavy amount of pesetas into either of the magnums. Obviously you would never need anywhere near 15 Rocket Launchers on a standard playthrough, but purchasing just a few of them for key battles instead of upgrading a magnum could save an extremely significant number of pesetas. Enough so that it could afford you to fully upgrade five different weapon types, without needing to resort to selling ammo or playing the Shooting Gallery game.

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