Rockfort Island concentration camp

The Rockfort Prison complex was of a general concentration camp format.

Rockfort Prison, also known simply as "Prison" (刑務所 keimusho?), is an illegal Umbrella administered prison camp on the privately owned Rockfort Island. It was administered along with the rest of the island by Alfred Ashford.


The prison complex assumed a general concentration camp design, with a number of huts being built within the walled enclosure, preventing escape attempts. The walls were largely unnecessary, however, given the presence of a deep ravine flowing against it.

Prison camps were noticeably unhygenic, with a number of people sharing a small section of the building for sleeping. A medical hut with crematorium was located nearby, which was built over a dungeon and torture chamber to fulfil the sadistic desires of the prison camp doctor.


Administrated by Alfred Ashford, the prison housed industrial saboteurs and traitors to the company along with their families. Claire Redfield was held after her unsuccessful raid on Umbrella Europe's Paris lab complex, while Steve Burnside was held alongside his father, who sold Umbrella data on the black market without authorization. Another prisoner, Robert Dorson, was Alfred Ashford's private attendant, until Alfred grew displeased with him and he was interred in the prison. Dorson was later tortured to death by the prison's insane medical officer. A number of prisoners - those who weren't killed by the doctor - were instead buried alive in the prison cemetery.[1]

When Albert Wesker's 'HCF' attacked the island, the prison camp suffered heavy damage, with large sections of the complex being rendered inaccessible.


Floor planEdit

Prisoner management officePrisoner management officePrisoner management office corridorPrisoner management office corridorPrisoner management office corridorRockfort Prison B1F
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