Captain Rodriguez[note 1] was an Umbrella Security Service operator, serving as the leader of the 2nd U.S.S. Squad.[1]His entire squad is either killed or infected following their landing on Main Street. He is responsible for evacuating a number of civilians and Umbrella defectors from Raccoon City, bringing the Umbrella Corporation to its end following witness testimony.


During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Rodriguez rebelled against his leadership and took possession of the Nyx B.O.W. cargo containter, with the use of the 2nd U.S.S. Squad's Chinook. As of midnight on October 1, 1998, he was stripped of his rank in absentia, with executive officer Tommy Neilson being dispatched to retrieve it.[1] Tommy, himself, had a UBCS unit commander, Arnold, take part in the military side of things, having the area around Rodriguez' helicopter mined to prevent him escaping on foot.[2]

In the early hours of October 1, Rodriguez was ready escape on the helicopter with an Umbrella researcher, Linda, though stopped when she realised she had left something very important in the laboratory. This was in fact "AT1521", an experimental reagent to suppress the growth of the t-Virus. After a brief argument, he allowed her to head back to her facility, warning her that he would abandon her if the need arose.

As daylight crept nearer, Rodriguez's radio announced that the Sterilization Operation (referred to as "Mission Code XX") had been given the go-ahead, meaning that the city was facing immediate destruction in an airstrike. Waiting a short while longer for Linda, Rodriguez flew out of the city in time to escape the explosion, landing a few miles outside.

The following events take place only under certain conditions, and the canonicity of this version of events has not been confirmed. These events occur if the player missed the helicopter.

Just after take-off, Tommy fired at his helicopter with a UBCS rocket launcher. While Rodriguez's quick reflex allowed him to avoid death, the crate dropped into the highway below, releasing the B.O.W. inside.

Rodriguez is last seen after the destruction of Raccoon City, standing behind Linda while she throws away her Umbrella ID card.


Rodriguez is unlocked in the collection menu by completing the scenario "end of the road" on any difficulty with any character, but without saving Linda. The set costs 5000 points to purchase. He is a David-type character and therefore possesses a tool kit, which can make combo weapons, use Handguns and Magnums with one hand, and is also capable of doing multiple knife slashes. Rodriguez starts with a Green Herb as his extra item, and starts in FINE condition.



  1. In the English version of "Written orders", it misidentifies Rodriguez as being a "Commander" in the "2nd USS Division". However, the Japanese script refers to Rodriguez as 大尉 (Taii?), and so is a "Captain".
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