Rookie files (ルーキーファイル Rūkīfairu?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 2.


RE2 Rookie files location

The location of the file.

The file will be present in the File menu upon starting the game on Easy or Rookie mode. It is never found in-game and does not appear on harder difficulties.


A statue of a woman bearing a water vessel.

There's an inscription and a hole on the pedestal...

The statue holding a red jewel...

The two statues against each wall appear to have been moved before. Police staff have been told not to move either unless necessary.

The water tank on the roof.

The tank ruptured on one occasion when the regulator valve was tightened too much. The valve handle was removed after the accident.




Official English localization

Original Japanese script

Further notes

  • In the original script, only two hints are given in the file. The localization adds one more hint regarding the water tank puzzle.
  • This file is included in the original PlayStation release of the game. It uses the same transcript which references Rookie mode before it was an established feature. The file also appears in the Nintendo 64 version where the mode is also absent.