The Room 001 Bathroom is an area of the Dormitory.


The bathroom is completed with a set of toilet paper, mirror, sink, bathtub, and toilet. In Remake, the running fan can be observed above the ceiling.


In both the original Resident Evil and its Remake, the Control Room Key can be obtained here by draining the water inside the bathtub.

In Remake, a body of a dead corpse can be seen immediately upon entry to this room. Before the corpse can become a Crimson Head, the player can use a Fuel Canteen to dispose of its body.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The bathtub The bathtub is filled with muddy water. Will you unplug it? Yes/No
Resident Evil
The bathtub It's full with of dity water. Pull out the plug? Yes/No
The bathtub (After draining the water) There's something inside the bathtub.
Toilet papers Toilet papers. They've heavily discolored.
The Mirror A well-polished mirror.



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