The Room 003 Bathroom is an area of the Dormitory.


It is a small bathroom next to room 003 that contains a washstand, few towels, toilet and a bathtub.

In the 2002 Remake, parts of the wall is destroyed by the giant plant roots.


One zombie will face inside the bathroom. A handgun clip (Chris)/ Flame round (Jill) can be found on the floor.

The roots for the giant plant can be examine here in Remake. Player can later choose to drain the dirty water that is filling the bathtub by removing its plug. A dagger can be found here.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
The washstand Nothing major about this washstand.
The toilet Nothing special.
The bathtub Dust collects inside. The bath towel is dirty.
Resident Evil
Examine the plant roots The roots of some kind giant plant are sticking out of the wall.
Taps The tap for the washbasin doesn't seem to be working.
The bathtub It's full of dirty water. Pull out the plug? Yes/No
Checking the shelf The shelves are lined with various soaps and cosmetics. They're all Umbrella brand products.







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