FANDOM was a website which existed as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign. The main page hid the code "AGORC4", which could be used to participate in a prize giveaway.


There are four other pages on this website

  • "GinovaefPass.jpg" - a scan of Nihcolai's ID card.
  • "NicholaiContract.jpg" - a scan of Nicholai's contract within the UBCS.
  • "" - an excerpt from a cutscene in Operation Raccoon City where Nicholai sacrifices his comrades.
  • "WarningNote.html" - a secret message about Nicholai Ginovaef.

External links

Further notes

The names of files on the website's main page don't match up with the actual file names. "NicholaiContract.jpg" for example is actually called "Nicholai_Responsibilities.jpg" in the URL. "GinovaefPass.jpg" is also called "pass_v4.jpg".

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