The S&W M29 (MAG) is the first Magnum found in Resident Evil 5.


The M29 can be found in Chapter 3-1 on the dead body of a BSAA soldier. In order to acquire this weapon, the player will have to enter a hut and trigger a trap set up by the Ndipaya. After completing Chapter 3-1, the S&W M29 can be purchased for ₦4,000.

It has a starting firepower of 1500, a reload speed of 3.53, a capacity of 6, and a piercing value of 0. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 3200, a reload speed of 2.83, a capacity of 12, and a piercing value of 1.

Between the L. HAWK and the S&W M500, the S&W M29 is the most balanced. It offers a lightly superior firepower than the L.Hawk, the largest capacity and a decent recoil.

Fully upgrading this weapon will allow the player to buy infinite ammo for it for 15,000 Exchange PointsFully upgrading the M29 will unlock the powerful S&W M500 (MAG) for purchase.

Upgrade chartEdit

It takes a total of ₦82,000 to buy and fully upgrade the S&W M29 or just ₦78,000 to fully upgrade if the player takes the one found in-game.

Level Firepower Cost Reload speed Cost Capacity Cost Piercing Cost
1 1500 Default 3.53 Sec. Default 6 Default Star-silver (2) Default
2 1700 ₦2,000 3.36 Sec. ₦1,000 7 ₦3,000 Star-gold (3) ₦3,000
3 1900 ₦3,000 3.18 Sec. ₦2,000 8 ₦4,000
4 2100 ₦4,000 2.83 Sec. ₦3,000 9 ₦6,000
5 2400 ₦6,000 10 ₦6,000
6 2700 ₦8,000 11 ₦7,000
7 3200 ₦10,000 12 ₦10,000

Further NotesEdit

The likeness of the weapon is used for the Six Shooter Deck Building Game card.

Other appearances Edit

The following are weapons appearing in other games with the name Smith & Wesson M29 or with similar design: