The SIG 556 (MG) is an assault rifle found in Resident Evil 5 which is seen being used by BSAA Alpha and Delta teams that are sent to Kijuju as their primary weapon. The 556s outfitted with scopes are also seen being used as Sniper rifles by Dave Johnson and Josh Stone. The weapon can be found in Chapter 5-2 near the conveyor belt.


Featured in Resident Evil 5 as the fourth machine gun and the second assault rifle available to the player. It has a starting firepower of 80, a reload speed of 2.55 seconds and a capacity of 40. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 180, a reload speed of 1.42 seconds and a capacity of 80.

Compared to the other machine guns, the SIG-556 has middle range of firepower and capacity, but also the fastest reload speed and the second highest rate of fire.

It costs 15,000 Exchange Points to buy infinite ammo for the weapon after fully upgrading and completing the game once.

The weapon is used by Chris in his S.T.A.R.S costume in The Mercenaries and Versus mode, and in The Mercenaries Reunion by Sheva in her Fairy Tale costume. Sheva's SIG is fully upgraded.

Upgrade chartEdit

It takes a total of ₦75,000 to buy and fully upgrade the weapon or just ₦71,000 for the upgrades because the weapon itself can be picked up in game.

Firepower 80 Base 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 180
Price ₦2000 ₦2000 ₦3000 ₦3000 ₦4000 ₦4000 ₦6000 ₦8000 ₦12000
Reload speed 2.55 Base 2.41 2.27 1.98 1.70 1.42
Price ₦1000 ₦2000 ₦2000 ₦3000 ₦4000
Capacity 40 Base 45 50 55 60 65 70 80
Price ₦500 ₦500 ₦1000 ₦1000 ₦2000 ₦4000 ₦6000


Chris (S.T.A.R.S.)

Equipment Firepower Capacity (+savings) Reload Special
SIG 556 (MG) 160 65 (+ 150) 2.55 sec -

Mercenaries ReunionEdit

Sheva (Fairy tale)

Equipment Firepower Capacity (+savings) Reload Special
SIG 556 (MG) 180 80 (+100) 1.42 sec


Versus ModeEdit

Chris (S.T.A.R.S)

Equipment Firepower Capacity (+savings) Reload Special
SIG 556 (MG) 160 45 (+100) 2.55 sec.


Further notesEdit


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