A location in the north of Raccoon City that was close to the Raccoon Park and Hospital, visited by Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira during the events of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis after their commandeered tramcar crashed through the courtyard wall following an attack by "the pursuer".

Prior to the outbreak, this ornate gothic clock tower was a popular tourist attraction featuring in postcards of the city. During the outbreak however, the clock tower was assigned as an extraction point for the UBCS but was heavily damaged when the extraction helicopter crashed into the tower following an attack by a rocket launcher fired by Nemesis.

The base of the tower was lavishly furnished and presumably occupied at one point, as it included a small chapel, library, living room and a bedroom besides the more functional mechanical rooms in the tower itself. The tower was secured with several locks and puzzles featuring a timekeeping theme.

This area consists of the next rooms and places (13 overall):