Shirley novelization
(Novelization of Retribution)

Salter was an American Senator representing the district Raccoon City was part of. As with all American politicians, the Umbrella Corporation made sure he had no knowledge of their top-secret Hive facility.


Due to his influence on appropriating technology for the Department of Defense, Salter was crucial individual for Umbrella's plans on monetising the T-virus. To make the situation more comfortable, he was invited to dinner at their mansion in the Arklay Mountains, where employees Alice and Spencer Parks worked in the guise of a married couple.[1] Understanding he and his wife were swingers, he was persuaded to support Umbrella if he could have sex with Alice, and his wife Spence. Alice eventually went through it and the deal passed, though she was traumatised by the ordeal.

Further notes

As the official novelization of Resident Evil: Retribution, it is presumed the new additions to the storyline are part of the W.S. Anderson movie canon.


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