Sample Retrieved is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 4.


As you may have heard, Luis Sera has been disposed of by Lord Saddler. The "sample" is back where it belongs. I had hoped that the whole matter could be resolved without troubling the Lord. However, as long as the "sample" is safe we can all rejoice, for our time is nearly at hand.

Now that the "sample" is back in our safe hands, it'll be a bit more difficult for that troublesome woman to get it. In light of all this, it's unfortunate that Sera had to go. Like us, he would have had a bright future if only he had shown more faith in our beliefs.

As for the other two Americans, the Lord has left the matter in our hands.

We must not disappoint the Lord. We shall capture Ashley and take her to the Lord and dispose of the American agent.









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