Further notes

The Scagdead usually moves in a slow manner, but it can close in its distance between the player quickly. A Scagdead performs a very damaging normal attack, and another one which instantly kills the player. Its attacks are:

Name Damage Description Strategy
Swing Heavy The creature swings its buzz-saw at the player, stunning the player momentarily. It is best to stay away from its buzz-saw, as a single swing can inflict heavy damage.
Grab and Saw Instant-death The creature grabs the player using its maw, slams the player on the floor, grinds the player on its buzz-saw and then throws the player on the floor. This attack can be avoided by avoiding close combat situations with the creature.
Organic bear trap Light The creature's maw spits out an organic bear trap, used to trap the player. The player can avoid these by shooting it. Moving away from it is also recommended.


Only four Scagdead are encountered in the Campaign: two on the Queen Zenobia, of which one is fought as a boss by Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani on the Promenade Deck, and the other one on Jill's way to the drone's remote control. Another two are fought on board the Queen Semiramis' casino. Scagdeads can be encountered numerous times within Raid Mode as well.

The Scagdead returns in Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode.