Further notes

Kills and death info for the regular Scagdead and the specific Scagdead that was the Comms Officer are tracked separately on Resident

A Scagdead diorama figure can be purchased (title as "Scagdead" but modeled after the Comms Officer) can be purchased for 1500 Points. 30 of them can be obtained and they take up 2x2 spaces on the diorama stage.

  • Scagdead creature info and diorama description:

"Scagdead are a type of spontaneous Ooze mutation. Although the t-Abyss virus is incredibly infectious, certain individuals appear to be somewhat resistant. The virus' progress cannot be stopped however, only slowed. Remaining completely conscious during the process, the host gradually loses control over its body, with its mind eventually being consumed by the resulting insanity. After the mutation is complete, the unconscious mutterings of the host are eerily similar to those of a sleepwalker."

  • Scagdead (Comms Officer) creature info:

"This particular Scagdead blocked Jill and Parker's path on their way through the Promenade. Formerly the Queen Zenobia's Communications Officer, the virus-induced mutations have left him utterly unrecognizable aside from his final 'Mayday' broadcast."

Further notesEdit

  • The Comms Officer that mutated into a Scagdead on the Queen Zenobia will utter a variety of different phrases while hunting, attacking or when receiving attacks from the player. These include: "Mayday, mayday... This... is the Queen Zenobia... Emergency call number", "I don't feel like myself anymore", "Tasty", "Please stop! I'm human!", "I need... help.", "I need blood", "I can't feel my legs", and "Let me talk!". Upon dying, he will say "Maaaydaaay..." one last time in a deeper voice, although he may or may not say this within Raid Mode.
  • The other Scagdeads on the ship don't speak phrases due to their human head having mutated like rest of the host's body; instead they just maul and roar when they receive damage.