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Further notes

The Scarmiglione were Bio Organic Weapons encountered on the Queen Zenobia. They are humanoid t-Abyss creatures that incorporated shark DNA.[1]


The Scarmiglione was first encountered in the Laboratory aboard the ship. BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were passing through decontamination when the creature broke through the wall and attacked. It proved a deadly opponent in the narrow confines of the corridor but the two agents managed to escape into a large chamber where they killed the monster with ease.

Several Scarmiglione were encountered throughout the laboratory but they were swiftly exterminated. Three of them were released by Morgan Lansdale to kill Chris and Jill after he revealed he was the mastermind behind the Veltro conspiracy, and at least three more of the beasts attempted to prevent the two agents escaping the Zenobia after Morgan's agent Jessica activated the self-destruct sequence. All of them were killed.


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