Further notes

Scarmiglione appear as tall humanoid creatures resembling knights. Their right arm has mutated into a lance-like appendage, and their left arm has mutated into a shield-like appendage which they use to protect themselves from damage.

They primarily attack with powerful swipes with their lance arm while slowly advancing on their target - this attack is also capable of knocking down a player. They will also occasionally charge at the player with their shield when they are within attack range.

Scarmigliones will actively use their shield to block attacks depending on where the player is aiming, making successive shots on parts of the body difficult. They take additional damage when attacked on the head.

Scarmigliones will undergo one of two transformations depending on where they take the most damage:

  • If attacks are focused on the torso and head, a Scarmiglione's upper body will explode, revealing an electrified tentacle which functions like a whip. In this form, the legs will shamble towards the player in an attempt to shock the player with the tentacle. This form takes additional damage when damaged on the tentacle.
  • When the legs take the brunt of the damage, the Scarmiglione will be reduced to its upper body. In this form, it crawls on the ground, attempting to stab the player with its lance-arm. This form is still vulnerable to being shot in the head.