A school bus is, as the name suggests, a vehicle whose primary or sole purpose is the transport of children to and from school. When the Global T-virus pandemic swept the world, however, some found other uses. One such bus, heavily modified and outfitted with wire mesh on the windows, was used by Claire Redfield's convoy to transport the children, parents and elderly across the country. It served this purpose dutifully until it was attacked by a swarm of ravenous zombie crows; driver Otto, unable to see due to the crows blocking the windscreen, crashed it into a utility pole and he and Nurse Betty were forced to hold back the onslaught while the others fled the bus into Mikey's press truck. Though the convoy were saved by the arrival of Alice, who destroyed the crows with her powers, Betty and Otto were killed and the bus had to be abandoned due to the damage it sustained. Another bus was seen in a suburban recreation of Raccoon City, during a simulated outbreak where a police car smashed into it. It was shown to have caught fire, though it was unclear if it had any passengers at the time. By the time Alice and Ada Wong arrived in the simulation, the fire had burnt out.