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Health valueEdit

In the Story Mode, Sea Creeper has a health value between 800 and 1400. In Raid Mode, the Sea Creeper's health value increases every ten levels between level 10 and 50, ascending from 1566 to 2969, then 4669, 6788 and finally 9096[1]


Sea Creeper is capable of three combat moves in Revelations, all of which related to pouncing. The names are derived from Famitsu's BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS UNVEILED EDITION OFFICIAL GUIDE.

Attack Damage Description
Pounce (飛びかかり?) 0
Pounce with damage (飛びかかりダメージ?)

90→50→90→50→Instant Death

Pounce (when underwater) (飛びかかり(水中時)?) 50 → Instant Death

Sea Creepers behave differently depending on if they are encountered while in shallow water, or completely submerged while the player is swimming underwater. Players will know Sea Creepers are near above or in the water because they let out a distinct high pitched cry.

The ones encounter in shallow water have about as much health as Oozes but are hard to hit with firearms because they are protected while underwater. They will only be vulnerable when their heads are above water. This will only happen when they occasionally try to spy on their prey from a distance for a second, or when they are close to the player and come up to then tackle the player. However, they are vulnerable to Shock and Pulse Grenades at any time. After being damaged, they duck back down and generally swim away from the player.

Players will not be able to see its movement while it is swimming however, the Genesis can be used to view its silhouette under the water. They also make sounds while swimming and can be listened to with stereo sound turned on.

Some Sea Creepers will be encountered while swimming underwater. These ones swim where ever they want and will chase the player down once they notice them. The only defense in these situations is to use a Pulse Grenade which will stun then (the player has no opportunity to kill these ones). Their only attack is to grab, bite, and drag the player down in attempt to drown them. Being grabbed prompts a quick-time event. Escaping their attack results in attacking them leaving them stunned for a short time.


Using the scanner helps locate them in shallow water, but this does prevent the player from operating their weapon.

An easy way to dispatch it in shallow waters is to start swinging your melee weapon in the direction of the sound it emits, as direct contact with a blade will cause it to pop out of the water and fall back, which then can be repeated until it is dead. However, this does not work in situations where your melee attacks aren't damaging enough to trigger this reaction, and is a risky tactic to employ when there are multiple Sea Creepers present.

Be wary that in places with deep water environments, the Sea Creepers from certain rooms will always respawn every time the player returns to them (i.e.: like many rooms in Episode 8).

Raid ModeEdit

It should be noted that buffs that make Sea Creepers larger will allow the player to shoot at them even while swimming as their backs will stick out. They are also easier to fight because the health bar above them gives away their location. Sea Creepers underwater do not need to be killed to get the "Genocide" award.

The associated Mission for defeating them in the 3DS version is "Defeat Sea Creeper (Defeat 5)" which has the description "Repulsive shadows in the water. Defeat 5 of them.". Completing this yields 10000BP.

Sea Creepers counts a sea enemy which is effected by the "Poisonous Lure" custom parts in the port versions.