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Security room cutscene (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Barry Burton: "Hmmm, what can I do with this hunk of junk."
"Wait a minute, this doesn't look like one of those creatures."
"Hey! Listen up! Can you hear me?"

Girl (via comm): "Leon?... Is that you?"

Barry: "Huh? You know Leon?"

Girl (via comm): "Who are you?"

Barry: "I'm special agent Barry Burton. I'm a friend of Leon's."

Girl (via comm): "I'm Lucia. Leon went off to find the horrible monster that is turning everybody into... into... zombies! Leon rescued me and told me to wait here until he gets back."

Barry: "Where is Leon right now?"

Lucia (via comm): "I don't know, he left here ages ago. I'm scared - I keep hearing noises. Oh no, you have to help me. I think it's that monster banging on the door! He's here! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!"

Barry: "Don't panic! Calm down! Just tell me where you are!"

Lucia (via comm): "I'm on the Sun Deck! Hurry - the door isn't going to hold much longer."

Barry: "Hold on, I'm on my way."

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