Security room cutscene 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Leon: "There they are!"
Barry: "Looks like it's heaing for the Upper Deck. This doesn't make any sense!"
"As far as we know that thing has wiped out everybody on board."
"Why doesn't it kill the girl?"
Leon: "You don't quit do you! I know you think she's the monster we're looking for, but if she is, why isn't she wiping the floor with that thing?"
Barry: "I don't see your point, but..."
Leon: "Look. If it's her power that's bothering you, don't worry."
"I know about it. Before you came on board I had some time to talk to her."
"About two years ago she was adopted from an orphanage."
"She said her ears started ringing abut that time."
Barry: "Her ears?"
Leon: "Yeah. Apparently she has an acute sense of hearing."
"Not to mention her other senses. She also told me that she healted quicker than most."
"In fact those same powers got her in trouble with the local kids."
"They picked on her for being different."
"She said that thing got so bad, her foster parents decide to send her to some relatives in Europe. That's why she's on this ship."
"Not because she's some sort of refugee from the Umbrella laboratory!"
Barry: "That sounds pretty lame to me!"
Leon: "Jeez, why do I bother?"
"Can you at least assume she's innocent until proven guilty?"
"Right now, my concern is that monster heading for the Upper Deck."
"If taking that thing out means saving the girl in the process, then what' the problem with that?! Come on... We've wasted enough time! Let's move!"