Security room cutscene 3 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Leon: "Wait a minute! What's going on here? Who's Barry talking to?"

Lucia: "If we listen carefully we can just make out what he's saying."

Barry: "Well? What's your answer? Do I have to remind you that I have Lucia? That doesn't leave you with too many options now, does it?"

Voice: "You do have a point. Proceed as planned, but don't go getting any strange ideas. We have eyes watching your every move..."

Barry: "You're just gonna have to trust me. Over and out."

Leon: "Who in the worlsd was he talkign to? It almost sounded like he was trying to sell us out to Umbrella or something."

Lucia: "But he's your partner..."

Leon: "Yeah, I guess I owe him the benefit of the doubt. I'll jut have to ask him about it, when I find him. Do you know where the bar is that he was talking from?"

Lucia: "I think it was the Piano Bar on 2F."

Leon: "Okay let's go there and see if we can find Barry..."