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One of Wesker's Seekers

A Seeker is an automated machine that is used principally for detection of hostile targets. It has otherwise been referred to as a "self-propelled surveillance device".[1][excerpt 1]

HCF (1998)Edit


Seeker's model, as seen in Code Veronica.

The Host/Hive Capture Force used a model of "Seeker" that operated alongside their Hunter IIs. It would project a beam of light from its "head'', which is its sight. When it would detect movement from a hostile stepping on its range of vision, it'd alert nearby Hunters with a sound the B.O.W.s were trained to respond to.

Third Organization (2004) Edit

Krauser Seeker

One of Krauser's Seekers

Two variants of Seeker ("Flight-type" (シーカー飛行タイプ hikō taipu?) and "Bomb-type" (シーカー爆弾タイプ bakudan taipu?))[2] were also used by Jack Krauser during his fight with Leon S. Kennedy in the ruins on the island. The "Flight-type" utilized a machine gun on its underbelly and, as the name suggests, was able to fly, while the "Bomb-type" resembled a walking spider and, as suggested by its name, was strapped with TNT primed to detonate when finding a target. Both can be easily destroyed by shooting a single bullet at them.



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    Shūhen kiki no `jisōshiki kanshi-ki' ni yori kōdō no seigyo ga kanōna bun, heiki to shite no jitsuyō-sei wa orijinaru no hantā yori takaku natte iru. (周辺機器の「自走式監視機」により行動の制御が可能なぶん、兵器としての実用性はオリジナルのハンターより高くなっている。?)
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