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For the weapon of the same name from Resident Evil 4, see: Rifle (semi-auto).

The Semi-Auto Rifle is a weapon in Operation Raccoon City.


It is obtained by being purchased for [5000 XP] at the pre-game menu. It is considered a medium range sniper rifle, and has a 10-round magazine and maximum has 40 spare rounds. It features an ACOG scope, although an un-scoped version is briefly seen in a theatrical trailer for the game used by SPECTRE [1]


"The Semi-Auto Rifle with medium scope has a shorter range than the other higher end sniper rifles, but it's still a very accurate weapon with a medium rate of fire."
— In Game Description

Damage ORC bar 7 Range ORC bar 8
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 7 Rate of Fire ORC bar 3
Accuracy ORC bar 7 Ammo ORC bar 2


USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
1: Containment 1 No
3: Lights Out 2 No
5: Expendable 2 No


  1. Triple Impact

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