Sera and the 3rd Party is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 4.


It is found during Chapter 2-2 in the shack with the typewriter in the Farm area.


The whereabouts of Sera are still unknown.

Most likely he's using an old secret passage taught to him by his grandfather who used to hunt in this region long ago.

I'm pretty certain that he's hiding our property somewhere in the forest.

If his grandfather was still alive, I would have used him to find Sera...

But how did he find out about the egg injected into his body?

—And the fact that he was able to remove it before it hatched is concerning.

Another factor that concerns me is that Sera escaped with our property just before the American agent arrived. I don't believe that was just a coincidence.

There has to be another player involved in this.

In order to settle this whole situation, we have to capture Sera and wait for the effects of the drug to wear off before we inject him with another egg.

Once this is done, whoever is behind all of this will surface. Nobody shall interfere with our plans. Those who do shall suffer severe consequences.




しかし、ルイスは自分に注入された卵に、 どうやって気付いたのか?


その上、あの合衆国のエージェントが到着する前に、 あれを持ち出して逃げるとは、とても単独での行動とは思えない。
やはりこれには我々や合衆国以外の、 第3の組織が介入していると考えるのが自然だ。

この問題をはっきりさせるには、ルイスをもう1度捕まえて、 体内に残る薬の効果が消えるのを待ち、新たな卵を注入するしかない。




The note appears to be written by Bitores Mendez giving another update on the situation.




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