For The Resident Evil CODE: Veronica item, see Serum (Code: Veronica). For The Resident Evil 7: Biohazard item, see Serum (RE7).

"There's just enough for one dose."

A serum is mostly an antidote to a poison, although its effect and purpose can vary depending on the game.


The serum is found in the 1F chemical storage room of the Spencer Mansion. It is required to save Richard Aiken (or the player) after being poisoned by Yawn.

  • If Jill was poisoned but did not sustain significant damage, she must collect the serum herself.
  • If Jill was poisoned and sustained damage, she will fall unconscious and Barry will collect it for her. She will regain consciousness in the 1F chemical storage room.
  • If Chris is poisoned, he will lose consciousness and the player will take control of Rebecca, who must collect the serum for him.
  • In the original version, if Chris decides not to take Rebecca with him after meeting her in the chemical room, she will automatically take him back there and administer the serum.


Another serum was used by Dr. Cameron when she was infected by the t-Virus. The serum cured her, but it also had some mixed effects.