Left storeroom is an area of the sewers that is featured in Resident Evil 2.


It is a small sized room brighten by the light on the ceiling that contains a table with a typewriter on it. Few boxes and pipes are placed next to the table, while an item box is facing the door.


This room contains a typewriter and the item box. An ink ribbon can be found near the typewriter.

A blue herb will be available inside this room while playing as Leon in Scenario A and B. Playing as Claire, the player can find the blue herb only in scenario B.

The player can exit this room afterwards.


Location Localization Original script
Typewriter (Without the ink ribbon) It's an old typewriter. If I had an Ink Ribbon, I could save my progress...
Typewriter (With the ink ribbon) It's an old typewriter. You can save your progress with this. Will you use the Ink Ribbon? Yes/No