Sewer Manager's Fax is a file found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles during Memories of a Lost City.


-User List of the Connecting Facility.

On the first and third Wednesday of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of maintenance, will make us of the facilities. Be sure to reduce the moisture levels in the facility by activating the fan, as the equipment she will be using is susceptible to the effects of water vapors.
On the 28th of every month, the chemical transporter Don Weller will be using the facility. The chemicals he will be transporting are extremely volatile. Extreme caution should be observed throughout their transport.
On the 6th and the 16th of every month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the facility to attend the regular meetings that take place in the lab.
On the 4th Friday of every other month, William Birkin will use the facility to conduct a training seminar for the Chicago branch of Umbrella Inc. As probability of an attack upon William Birkin is high, we must take every measure conceivable to protect his safety. You will be informed of all other potential visitors and times they will arrive as needed. Guide these individuals to their destinations safely. We expect nothing but the best from you.

Secretary Chief Umbrella Headquarters
Charles Coleman

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