Sherry wears a circular, golden locket. Inside is a photo of her parents and herself. In truth, the locket belongs to her mother, Annette. When Annette realized an outbreak was going to occur, she implored her daughter to retrieve it from her jewelery box. Inside, there is a se
cret comparement that holds a finished sample of the G-Virus.
  • In the Leon A/Claire B scenario of Resident Evil 2, Claire discovers T-00 is after the locket. She throws the locket into the molten metal, which the tyrant jumps after. This scenario is considered non-canon.
  • In the Claire A/Leon B scenario of Resident Evil 2, Ada finds the pendant when Sherry accidentally drops it. She wears the pendant for the rest of the game, which causes T-00 to chase Ada and Leon through the police station, sewers, and Umbrella lab. After a discussion with Annette Birkin, Ada finds the G-Virus sample in a hidden compartment. She later escapes Raccoon City with the sample.
  • In Darkside Chronicles, Sherry always wears the locket and never lose it. However, it is never mentioned if there was a G-virus sample inside. From speculation, there was no G-virus sample at all in the locket since T-00 ignores Sherry presence and attack Leon and Claire. Moreover, The locket design is a lot smaller than the locket in RE 2, result in the sample won't fit the locket.

Sherry's locket in Darkside Chronicles

What happened to the locket after Raccoon Destruction in the canon continuity is mostly unclear. It is likely that Ada has already disposed of the locket since she didn't wear it in Death's Door, when reporting to Wesker, Ada claimed that she got the sample by collecting a tissue of William Birkin's remain, though this maybe a ruse and the G sample was indeed the one in Sherry's locket.

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