Resident Evil 2

Sherry is playable in up to two segments in Resident evil 2. Different from Ada, Sherry is unable to defend herself and has to run away from enemies. Sherry starts with only a First Aid Spray in her inventory and her family photo in special item slot. If the enemies are Zombies, they will not be able to grab Sherry and had to spill their Acid upon her.

In first segment of both Scenario, Sherry does the same puzzle with Ada in order to get the Club Key, optionally more ammunition for Claire.

In Claire A Scenario only, player will control Sherry for one more time in the plot when she was separated from Claire in the sewer. Player has to find a way to get her to the dumpster with the Wolf Medal in there.

Resident Evil 6 (Campaign)

Sherry returns from Resident Evil 2, now significantly more capable of handling

Sherry's character select screen.

herself. With the training she received from the U.S. government, Agent Birkin has learned combat techniques not unlike fellow agent Leon S. Kennedy, as well as how to handle a firearm.

Many of Sherry's melee techniques and unique contextual attacks incorporate the usage of powerful kicks, which differs heavily from most of the other characters. For example, whereas someone like Jake Muller or even Helena Harper will use a shoulder rush to counter certain enemy attacks, Sherry instead performs an evasive kick. Her attacks combine a large amount of flexibility and agility while utilizing a certain degree of strength to make her attacks more effective.

Triple Shot

Sherry's primary firearm is called the Triple Shot, which sports the ability to change between single-shot and a three-round burst. With the Triple Shot, she is able to shoot much faster than any other handgun and shoot three rounds at once. With the single-shot enabled, when Sherry performs a Quick Shot, she will shoot quickly like with any other handgun. However, with the three-round burst enabled, when a Quick Shot is performed she will spray the three shots out in front of her horizontally. Another large difference from Sherry's handgun in comparison to every other character is that her laser sight is actually on the slide of the gun.

Stun Rod


Charging the Stun Rod.

The primary thing that sets Sherry apart from the other characters is her unique equippable Stun Rod. A telescopic Stun Rod can be found in Sherry's inventory, making her slightly different from other characters, who either have no melee option, knives or fists. Like the Survival Knife for Leon and the Combat Knife for Chris, the Stun Rod also has its own unique contextual attack (see: Electrocution). While the Stun Rod is equipped and the ready weapon button is held, Sherry's evasive moves change slightly. Instead of dive rolling to the sides, Sherry will perform a ducking side-step maneuver. Also, as opposed to diving away from an opponent when evading backwards, Sherry will spin backwards, striking any nearby opponent with the electrified weapon in the progress. Like the knives, Sherry's Stun Rod only has one combo consist of a horizontal swipe of the weapon, leaving it over her shoulder, and then following it up with bringing the Stun Rod back to the enemy to shock them. What makes the Stun Rod different is the second part of the attack can be charged by holding the attack button, crackling with more electricity when it charges. When a Quick Shot is performed with the Stun Rod equipped, Sherry will perform a spinning strike that shocks a nearby enemy. Although seemingly not practical against something like the Ustanak, the Stun Rod is very useful for J'avo, being able to temporarily incapacitate them and a fully charged hit can often kill them immediately. Enemies that are in the cocoon state are also particularly susceptible to electrical damage. This also uses as her main weapon during their capture in Neo-Umbrella after she manages to take a sneak attack on a single J'avo who wields a Stun Rod as she also uses this weapon to ambush another J'avo from behind.

Contextual Attacks

Like all of the other characters, Sherry can perform a small number of basic melee moves and counters, as well as some contextual attacks that are unique to her.[1]

  • Spin Kick - Sherry extends her leg as she spins around, her foot striking the targeting enemy and knocking back anyone else within range. This is most commonly performed on a staggering enemy from any side. This move can also be seen when she destroys a Time Bonus.

    Sherry performing her Double Foot Press.

  • Double Foot Press - Sherry runs forward to the enemy and climbs onto their chest, kicking out with both feet simultaneously, thus preforming a back flip in the process to send the enemy flying backwards. This is most commonly performed on a lightly stunned enemy (such as from a shot to the head) from the front.
  • Face Smasher - Running at an enemy, Sherry launches herself over their shoulder as she holds on to the back of their head. As she falls, she drags the enemy down with her, smashing their face into the ground as

    Sherry in the middle of her Face Smasher attack.

    she lands on her knees. This is most commonly performed on an enemy that is lightly or heavily stunned from behind.
  • Sweep Kick - For Sherry's coup de grâce, she turns to the side and sweeps her leg upwards, striking the enemy with her foot and sending them into the air. This is most commonly performed on a severely stunned, kneeling, or blinded enemy from any side but behind. This attack also occurs as the prompt to rescue a partner who has been grabbed by an enemy.
  • Electrocution - Stun Rod in hand, Sherry drives it down into the enemy and shocks them heavily with it. When performed near the opponent's head, it is possible to crush it. This can only be done on a downed enemy and only while equipped with Sherry's Stun Rod, replacing the basic stomp attack.

The Mercenaries

Sherry is a playable character in Resident Evil 6's The Mercenaries. To unlock Sherry, you must achieve at least a B rank or higher on Mining the Depths with any character. In order to unlock her alternate costume, you must achieve at least an A rank or higher on any stage with Sherry. Costumes 2 and 3 can be unlocked through Resident


Sherry Birkin (Default)

Sherry Birkin (Costume 1, 2 & 3)

Other Modes

Sherry comes equipped with the following loadouts in these other multiplayer modes:


Sherry Birkin (Default)

  • Stun Rod
  • Bear Commander (30 rounds)

Sherry Birkin (Costume 1, 2 & 3)


Sherry Birkin (Default)

  • Stun Rod
  • Bear Commander (30 rounds)
  • Flash Grenade (x1)

Sherry Birkin (Costume 1, 2 & 3)

  • Stun Rod
  • Crossbow (1 arrow)
  • Arrow (Normal) (x4)
  • Arrow (Pipe Bomb) (x2)
  • Hand Grenade (x1)


Sherry Birkin (Default)

  • Triple Shot (20 rounds)
  • Lightning Hawk (7 rounds)
  • Stun Rod
  • Flash Grenade (x1)
  • 9mm Ammo (x30)

Sherry Birkin (Costume 1, 2 & 3)

  • Bear Commander (30 rounds, 1 explosive round)
  • Assault Shotgun (7 rounds)
  • 5.56mm NATO Ammo (x60)
  • 12-Gauge Shells (x20)
  • 40mm Explosive Rounds (x2)


Sherry Birkin (Default)

  • Stun Rod
  • Triple Shot (20 rounds)
  • Flash Grenade (x2)
  • 9mm Ammo (x20)

Sherry Birkin (Costume 1, 2 & 3)

  • Crossbow (1 arrow)
  • Arrow (Normal) (x9)
  • Red Herb (x1)


  1. These names are unofficial and simply descriptive substitutes. Unlike previous titles, the name of the attack does not appear.