Further notes
  • Despite Sheva being a left handed character, she can be seen wielding firearms right handed in concept art and certain screenshots.
  • When completing a combo melee attack, Sheva will exclaim "Kupendazaer!" The literal Swahili translation is something akin to "beautiful" or "delightful", but in context, she is commending the teamwork maneuver.
  • Sheva's tattoo, a tribal design with the word "shujaa" in the middle, means "warrior" or "hero" in Swahili and "brave" or "courageous" in Arabic.
  • Sheva's name is steeped in Arabic; Sheva is the name of a Sabaean kingdom and Alomar can be read either as Spanish Alomar or Arabic al-Omar.
  • Strangely, Sheva's tattoo only appears within her main costume and her Tribal costume.
  • If a PlayStation 3 player beats normal difficulty and then signs into PlayStation Home, the player will be rewarded with a Sheva decoration trophy.
  • In the commentary for Resident Evil Vendetta, the writer Makoto Fukami mentioned in the initial writing for the movie, he wanted Sheva as the lead heroine. Rebecca was used instead as it was easier to write her into the script.