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Below is a list of notable quotes from Sheva Alomar.

Resident Evil 5Edit

  • Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. Redfield. It's an honor.
  • Wouldn't you rather be back in America than a place like this?
  • Chris, are you alright?
  • Chris, look around, we should both get the hell out of here.
  • Are you even sure it's the same person?!
  • These are my people that are dying here.
  • We're partners, to the end.
  • You two were close?
  • I only found out later that the accident was to cover up the manufacturing of biological weapons for terrorists.
  • And someone has to pay for that!
  • There's only so much one person can do. Even a superhero like you, Chris.
  • Then let's make a stand for our fallen brothers!
  • What have they done?
  • So Uroboros is a new B.O.W. And you're planning on selling it to the terrorists.
  • She's tough, I'll give her that much.
  • Inject him! (While holding Wesker)
  • There's no way out this time! (To Wesker)
  • So that's Uroboros... I fear for the world if that ever gets out.


  • You should go!
  • This is a job for you.
  • Nice teamwork!
  • Thanks, partner.
  • I need your help!
  • I need a grenade
  • I need ammo
  • I need a herb.

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