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Shock Labyrinth EX. × biohazard

Shock Labyrinth EX. × biohazard was a collaboration event between Capcom Co., Ltd. and Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. to create an interactive attraction at Fuji-Q Highland, following the success of the BIOHAZARD Nightmare attraction in Osaka in the 1990s. It was open between 6 October 2007 and 3 February 2008.[1]

Attraction FlowEdit

The "attraction flow" (アトラクションフロー Atorakushon furō?) (route) is in five stages.

  • The first "step" is to attend the Shooting Range (シューティングレンジ Shūtingu renji?)
  • The second is "Mission Confirmation" (ミッション確認 Misshon kakunin?).
  • The third is a mission: "Get the key number" (キーナンバーをゲット Kīnanbā o Getto?).
  • The fourth is another mission: "Obtain the vaccine antibodies" (抗体ワクチンを入手 Kōtai wakuchin o nyūshu?).
  • Finally, the player will obtain the obtain the acquisition of credentials (認定証の獲得 Nintei-shō no kakutoku?) as a new member of S.T.A.R.S.


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