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"A pair of slim brown boots. The sound of the heels echoes. They don't look comfy, but I like them. "
Cindy Lennox, upon examining this item.

Short Boots (ショートブーツ Shōto būtsu?) is a collectible "Special Item" in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.


Short Boots appears in the "wild things" scenario. It can be found in front of a window in the back of the office. It can only be found by Cindy Lennox and Cindy-type characters, and only on VERY HARD mode.[1]


This item is one of five items required to unlock Cindy's alternative costume, "Nightlife". The other components are; Leather BeltTight JacketBiker Gals and Leather Pants.



  1. Ara (ed.), GRAND BIBLE, p.048.

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