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The Shotgun is a weapon available in Resident Evil Zero.


The Shotgun can be found in the main game Storeroom on the first floor of the Umbrella Executive Training Center. Like the Hunting Gun, it uses Shotgun Shells as ammunition. It takes up 2 spaces of inventory and can hold 7 shells at a time. It inflicts less damage than the Hunting Gun, but can potentially hit more enemies at a time due to its wider spread.

When Rebecca fires the weapon, she will be forced to take a step back. Billy will be able to stand in place and fire the weapon slightly faster. Unlike the Hunting Gun, both characters hold aim the weapon from the hip, causing regular shots to not have a chance of hitting the heads of zombies that are standing upright. When aimed upward, the weapon will have a great chance of causing decapitation to zombies but they must be very close.

Two Shotguns can be found during Leech Hunter. Both Shotguns will appear on both item patterns. One is located in he Sewer in the water and only has 6 shells in it. The other is in the B1 torture chamber and is fully loaded with 7 shells.

Examine: Shotgun

"A conventional pump-action shotgun."



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