"Use them with any shotgun."
— Item examination

Shotgun Shells is an item that appears in Resident Evil 4. It can be dropped by enemies or found in various locations on the map. Each box occupies two spaces (1x2) in the inventory and holds a maximum of 15 rounds. Each round can be sold to the merchant for 120Pts each. This ammunition is used for the Shotgun, Riot Gun, and Striker.

Locations Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Chapter Room Shells Notes
Chapter1-1 Village Center x5 Within a box in the locked room of the smaller house
Village Center x5 Sitting on the bed in the second floor of the big house
Village Center x5 At the top of the tower
Chapter1-2 Valley x5 In the second house right inside the door

Chapter 2 Edit

Chapter Room Shells Notes
Chapter2-1 Quarry x5 In the first hut
Chapter2-2 Besieged Cabin x5 On the table of the first floor
Chapter2-3 Barrier x5 On a minecart located by jumping down from the structure
Lift x10 By the merchant
Slaughterhouse x5 Next to red barrel