Shotgun Shells are fairly common ammunition items found in every Resident Evil game, though usually less plentiful than Handgun ammunition. They are, as their name would imply, used in conjunction with a Shotgun. The shells are often described as "12 Gauge".

Gameplay SpecificsEdit

In Resident Evil 6, Helena's Hydra utilizes a larger 10 Gauge Shells rather than the 12 Gauge Shells. The 10 Gauge Shells are exclusive to her as she is the only character that can use them.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City doesn't feature its own Shotgun Shells, but instead uses ammo stashes and boxes to replenish ammo for the shotgun.

Resident Evil: Revelations limits the amount for carrying Shotgun Shells and restricts any other Shotgun Shells from being taken if the amount has reached its limit. The player can extend the limit by obtaining an Ammo Bag specifically for the Shotgun Shells. This also applies in Raid Mode, though the Shotgun Shells Bag can only be bought in the store.


Game Display Name Compatible With Examine Form Max rounds per space
Resident Evil 0 Shotgun Shells Shotgun, Hunting Gun Box
Resident Evil (Original/Director's Cut) Shotgun Shells Shotgun Box
Resident Evil Remake Shotgun Shells Assault Shotgun, Pump-action Shotgun

"12 Gauge Shells for the Shotgun that scatter fires."

Resident Evil 2 Shotgun Shells Remington Model 1100 Box
Resident Evil 2 Remake Shotgun Shells W-870

"12-gauge shotgun shells pecked with 18.1mm pellets."

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Shotgun Shells Western Custom M37, Shotgun Box
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Shotgun Shells Franchi SPAS-12 Box
Resident Evil 4 Shotgun Shells Shotgun, Riot Gun, Striker, Shotgun (Ada's)

"12-gauge shells. Use them with any shotgun."

Box 15
Resident Evil 5 Shotgun shells Ithaca M37, M3, Jail Breaker, Hydra

"Ammo for the shotgun."

Box 30 - Inventory
999 - Storage
Resident Evil 6 12 Gauge Shells Shotgun, Assault Shotgun Box 40
Resident Evil 6 10 Gauge Shells Hydra Box
Resident Evil Revelations Shotgun Shells Shotgun Windham, Shotgun M3, Hydra

"Ammo for Shotgun."

Box 90 (Campaign) 140 (Raid Mode)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Shotgun Ammo Shotgun Drake, Shotgun Hydra, Shotgun M147S, Shotgun TAP194

"Ammo for shotguns."

Resident Evil Survivor Shotgun Shells Shotgun Box
Resident Evil Dead Aim Shotgun Rounds Shotgun

"12-gauge shotgun shells. Fits most shotgun."

Box 15
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Shotgun Rounds Shotgun Box