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The Side Pack is an item appearing in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. The side pack increases the number of items that the player can carry by two spaces.


The Side Pack appears as a pair of sturdy leather pouches joined together, explaining its inventory-expanding effect. It looks similar to belt-mounted ammunition pouches used by the military.

Resident Evil 2Edit

The Side Pack can be found in the R.P.D. armory alongside the submachine gun. Taking it in the A scenario will make it unavailable for the player in the B scenario. It grants the player two additional inventory slots.

Resident Evil 3Edit

The Side Pack can be obtained immediately once Jill Valentine encounters Nikolai Zinoviev and Carlos Oliveira in the front carriage of the Tram. After their conversation, Carlos will give her this item.


The Side Pack can be found by both Claire and Chris Redfield. The first can be found inside the Submarine, the second in the Biology Room of the Military Training Facility.


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