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"Small Boy" is one of the few survivors left in the years after the 2002 Global T-Virus pandemic. He was part of a transamerican convoy led by Claire Redfield.


He is first seen at the window of the modified school bus the convoy uses when it splatters the head of a zombie in the road with its tyre spikes, which causes him and the other children to cheer. After the convoy is established for the night at the Desert Trail Motel, he appears standing line for food, where Otto gives him pork and beans and jokingly said it was catfood, to which he doesn't look that amused. Though he has no lines in the film, he had to be rescued two times. Betty rescues him when the crows are attacking and K-Mart rescues when they reach the base. He is last seen in the chopper next to K-Mart looking down at Alice. Since the remaining convoy survivors, with the exception of Claire, were all captured by Umbrella upon arrival in Alaska, it can be assumed that he was among the 2,000 or so prisoners on board the Arcadia. His fate following the Arcadia's destruction is unknown.

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